Rotating Hose Storage Racks
for Spray Foam Installation Trucks

Our new rotating storage racks for spray polyurethane foam hoses will make your life easier and keep your trucks and trailers cleaner.

Why didn’t I think of that?

That’s what you’ll be saying to yourself the first few times you use our simple solution to one of the most annoying (and potentially costly) problems spray foam insulation companies have to deal with at the jobsite: dispensing and storing a few hundred feet of bulky spray foam hoses, which are often coated with construction site dirt, concrete dust, or mud at the end of a job.

Our patent pending spray foam hose rack swings out of your truck or trailer for easier dispensing and—once you’re finished—much easier storing. After the hose is stored on the rack, it swings inward and occupies space across the rear of the truck or trailer, so the risk of dirt or mud contaminating your chemical drums is greatly reduced. A locking pin holds the rotating arm in place.

Our rotating hose rack system can be used with trucks or trailers, and with side-by-side “barn doors” or a sliding overhead door.

And the rack assembly can be installed in about an hour.

Other benefits include:

  • easy for one person to use
  • rugged storage rack arm holds up to 300 feet of heated SPF hose, or 400 feet with arm extension
  • no more coiling hoses on the floor
  • no more mildew, dirt buildup or staining on the wall surface where a fixed, wall-mounted hose storage rack is attached
  • frees up extra wall space inside the truck or trailer
  • while the rack arm is rotated out away from your truck or trailer interior, you can use an air blower or water hose to blow or rinse dirt, concrete dust or mud off an SPF hose draped over the rack arm
  • the rounded surface of the rotating arm prevents crimping of the heating wire inside the SPF hose when the hose is draped over the arm
  • eliminates the risk of damaging the SPF hose between the chemical drums and the interior wall
  • improved productivity

Watch short videos about our rotating storage rack for SPF hose

The first video below shows how easily SPF hose dispenses off of our new hose storage racks. The second video shows how easy it is to swing the hose storage rack out of the way to load the truck. The third video shows a hose storage rack being installed.

Get Yours Today!

These rugged and durable SPF hose storage racks are priced at just $1,400 each, plus shipping and sales tax. Get a 10% discount when you order more than one. Order yours today and discover a new level of convenience and productivity!

Full rack assembly for barn door configured trucks, 300 foot hose capacity$1,400
Hose Arm Extension, increases hose storage capacity to 400 feet$225
Overhead Door Kit, for trucks with overhead doors$200
Shipping and sales tax are additional. 

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